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Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention Hotel Ungaran Semarang

2 stars

Welcome to Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention!

Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Rp. 548.000 net with breakfast

Hotel Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention Ungaran - Bahasa

Price List – Including Breakfast!

Room Type 

Rate per Room/Night 


Rp. Net 548.000 

Deluxe Suites 

Rp. Net 777.000 


Rp. Net 1.338.000 

Extra Bed  

Rp. Net 238.000 


Ungaran hotel terms:

Rates are including breakfast for 2 persons

  • Rates are including government tax & service charge and valid until 31 December 2013.
  • Check in time: 14:00
  • Check out time: 13:00
  • Extra charge Rp. 388.000 net/room/night for Driver Room/Guide Room if needed
  • Extra bed: maximum 1 (one) guest per room in Deluxe Suite & Suite only
  • Charge 50% of room rate will be applied if there is a Late Check-out until 18:00 and it depends on the room availability.
  • Charge 100% of room rate will be applied for a late check-out after 18:00
  • Cancellation should be received at least 7 Days (normal season) & 14 Days (high season) before the guest arrival. If the guests don't arrive (No Show), hotel has a right to charge 1 Night Stay as a cancellation charges.


Classic design @ Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention Ungaran Semarang

Overview of Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention - hotel in Ungaran, Semarang

Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention Ungaran is a Resort with a unique and traditional concept to combine the Javanese and Dutch Culture on its architecture and decorations.

Balemong Gallery Resort is located in Ungaran, Semarang, central Java. The hotel stands on 4 hectares of land and sits 10 km from Mountain Ungaran. It's close to nature as you can enjoy the fresh breezy air and paddy fields around the Resort.

The buildings in Balemong Resort imitate the traditional Central Java huts, called Joglo where the original heritage style is kept and maintained such as Joglo Pesisiran and Joglo Solo.

Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention Ungaran has a purpose to maintain the true Javanese identity as you can see from the resort decorations which put relic and artifacts of Javanese culture. Balemong Gallery hotel is not just a resort but it's a place where people can also learn the Javanese heritage and history.

There are several types of Joglo in Balemong such as Sasana Andrawina, Sasana Kamukten, Sasana Kembul Bujana, Sasana Nugraha and Sasana Sewaka with details as follows:

- Sasana Kamukten consists of 6 Deluxe Rooms

- Sasana Nugraha consists of 2 Suites Room

- Sasana Kembul Bujana is a restaurant

- Sasana Andrawina accommodates events purpose

- Sasana Sewaka accommodates events purposes

Enjoy your stay at Balemong Resort and you can feel it is not just a room; it's a real home....


Beautiful Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention in Ungaran Semarang

Rooms @ Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention - hotel in Ungaran Semarang

Balemong Resort provides 3 types of rooms:

  • Standard (2 rooms); 2 standard rooms along the right wing and the left wing of the Joglo Solo.
  • Deluxe (6 rooms); 2 rooms in front of the Joglo Solo, 2 rooms on the inside of the Joglo Solo area and 2 rooms in the Joglo Kudus.
  • Suite (10 rooms); 2 rooms in main building, 8 rooms ready on the end of July.

In total there will be 18 rooms with 6 rooms ready for rent, while the rest can be utilized by the end of July and will follow soon in the form of cottages, 15 rooms to rent.

* Number of rooms in a Joglo

  • Joglo Solo, containing 6 rooms (4 deluxe and 2 standards) sold per room.
  • Joglo Kudus, containing two rooms (sold per Joglo).
  • Joglo Kudus, containing four rooms (sold per Joglo).

Sasana Kamukten

Sasana Kamukten is the Joglo Solo which consists of 6 (six) Deluxe Rooms. This building is a heritage property in 1852 from Laweyan batik merchants, Solo. This Joglo is divided into 2 (two) core parts of the hall where on either side is wedged by 2 (two) rooms.

Pavilion is a room off the open. This room serves as a reception, meeting, and art exhibitions.

The Omah Jero is a pavilion that is also wedged by 2 (two) bedrooms.

Besides the 4 (four) rooms above, Joglo Solo still has 2 (two) rooms on the right side and left side of the exterior.

In the Joglo Solo building, poles and roofs are adorned with various ornaments such as young cloves and all provided decoration reflects the meaning of sense of peace.

Sasana Nugraha

Sasana Nugraha is a coastal Joglo which consists of 2 (two) rooms located on the right and left side of the meeting room. The meeting room is made to hold meetings between 15-30 people. This coastal Joglo was created in 1830 and obtained from Mranggen Demak. Ornaments that adorn the Sasana Nugraha are the shapes of cloves.

Sasana Kembul Bujana

This Joglo serves as a restaurant that was made in 1840. This Joglo sits around the Kudus Mosque towers. This Joglo Kudus also have a variety of decorative ornament, also various symbolic ornaments such as cloves and a pineapple that symbolizes that in order to attain something, we must be able to overcome any thorny obstacles.

Sasana Andrawina

Sasana Andrawina is a traditional house of the Holy (Kudusan) derived from Jenggolo village, south of the Mesjid Agung Kudus (Great Mosque of the Kudus). In an unused and neglected form, Balemong Resort had the initiative to obtain the old building, to repair and preserve it back. Joglo is said to once belonging to one of the cigarettes merchants of the Kudus. The Building and teak wood that looks antique is evident that the Joglo had been around for more than 300 years.

Sasana Sewaka

Sasana Sewaka becomes the main attraction in Balemong Resort. This is also called as Joglo Satria Pinayungan due to the Soko shape from small to large, symbolize a hand lifted up towards the sky, praying to God. It is a 181-year-old Joglo Demak (created in 1830) from Jamus Krajan Village, District Mranggan, Demak.

This Joglo has a function as a meeting place, exhibition and also a place to preserve the Javanese culture, with a capacity for 200 people. On certain days, you can watch directly from local artists showing their skills in music, dance and playing in the ensemble of the famous Javanese gamelan.

This Joglo size is 16mx16m and has many uniqueness forms, such as the wooden beam along the 16m without a connection, Soko Guru (stanchion building) with bottom width of 21cm and a width of 25cm, as well as its pillar crane where all the tops are wider than the bottom. It is said that the pillars were made from the same single teak tree. It looks stout and sturdy.


Guest room @ Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention in Ungaran Semarang

FACILITIES @ Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention Ungaran Semarang

Restaurant "Sasana Kembul Bujana" offers a selection of Indonesian and international cuisines cooked by professional chefs; always made with selected and fresh ingredients. This Restaurant becomes Balemong's strength which assures the patrons a memorable and tasty dining experience.

Meeting Room

There are several meeting rooms in Balemong Resort with capacity from 20 up to 200 people.

Outbound Area

There are few activities which educate to return to the nature such as herding buffalos, pounding and plant rice paddies, painting and learning traditional dances.

Parking Lot

Balemong Resort provides a spacious parking area to accommodate 150-200 cars.


Restaurant @ Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention in Ungaran Semarang


Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention - Ungaran Semarang Hotel

Address: Jl. Pattimure 1 B, Sisemut, Ungaran, Central Java, Indonesia

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Java Branch:

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  • Contact: Ms. Sehat - Branch Manager
  • Mobile: 0878 8246 6081


Amazing view @ Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention Ungaran Semarang


Unique joglo @ Balemong Gallery Resort & Convention in Ungaran Semarang

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